Monday, April 9, 2012

Beautyblender Pure

See what came into my mail today? 

Voila, it's the beautyblender pure!

At a first glance, this set retails for $49.95 (plus tax if you are getting from Sephora) and a dual pink beautyblender with shampoo set costs only $39.95. It seems like the pure set is not really a great deal... but why did decide to haul this pure set? The white color beautyblender is quite a hassle to clean (I am pretty sure it will look ugly over usage with foundations, just like many of my old sponge), but it's the convenience of the solid soap and the tiny pink beautyblender sponge that does the trick for me!

A while ago, cherryculture had a 20% off sitewide sale, so I just jump in and ordered a set :)

What is in this set?

Kit contains 3 items:
1. Beautyblender pure edition (white)
2. Solid Blendercleanser
3. Air mesh pouch (with a cute mini beautyblender charm)

Solid Blendercleanser:

It is definitely a convenient invention for carry on where bringing on 1oz liquids is a nightmare at airport security. Now, all I need is more trips.... lol!

A comparison between the pure beautyblender (left) and the original beautyblender (right):

Both have the same teardrop shape. I would imagine the hot fuchsia pink is able to disguise foundation stain overtime better than the pure white one. I also notice that fuchsia one is softer and bouncier, while the white one is a little more stiff? Maybe the dyes does make a difference?

Pure beautyblender and its charm on the air mesh pouch. How cute!

But I think the charm matches better with the original beautyblender in fuchsia, just like mother and daughter:

Both the solid blendercleanser and beautyblender fit nicely into the air mesh pouch, and the mesh design helps with air flow so if you put in a slightly dampened beautyblender during travels your beautyblender won't go stale or smell moldy over time. What a considerate design!

But I think I like to match it with the original beuatyblender:

Yes, I know I have this thing about matching things up.... lol!


Jie Jie said...

The charm is so cute!! I still prefer using my fingers for foundation:)

Cutie Fishball said...

lol, I bought this set because the charm is part of the reason too!! I use my fingers in the winter but summertime I prefer the beautyblender because the foundation can go on lighter and much more even on the skin..... (and cleaner too, less clogged pores!) You should try it too!! and it's faster than the fingers!