Monday, April 23, 2012

Lunasol Pure Petal Eyes #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige

This spring was all about roses.... you see makeup items incorporate rose details in their product, like Anna Sui, Christian Dior, Les Merveilleuses de Laduree, and here in Lunasol/

I am a big fan of beige and neutral palettes, so I picked up #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige.

This season's inspiration comes from the soft looks of a peach flower. So I was immediately drawn to the name "Peach". And I had a hard time deciding between #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige so I just hauled both of them. The darkest color in #02 Clear Pink looks quite similar with another deep gray I have in my Lunasol collection, and plus I am not sure how pinks will look on me, so I hesitated and skipped (I was proved wrong! See below)

#01 Sweet Peach under sun
#01 Sweet Peach under shade

EOTD on #01 Sweet Peach:

(a little sheer to show up on my NC-25 skin.... big sigh!)

#03 Soft Beige under sun

#03 Soft Beige under shade

(again, a little sheer to show up on my NC-25 skin.... big sigh, again!)

Swatches of both #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige side by side:

#01 swatches to the left and #03 swatches to the right, both under sunlight

#01 swatches to the left and #03 swatches to the right, both under shade

Both #01 and #03 appear to be sheer and very shimmery. Both  shade A's (the one with the lovely rose embossing) are over layering shimmers that hardly show up in the swatches above, but they are more sparkly in person. And shade B's hardly show up on my skintone and  they remain quite sheer and does not reflect its color in the pan.

So, overall I am a bit disappointed with the 2 lunasol spring palettes as they are quite sheer and doesn't show up on my NC-25 skin. But if you are looking for a work appropriate setting. 

(well, still feel it is a bummer....!!)

I love shimmers so it is ok, but I will consider hauling #02 Clear Pink (after seeing Miss-Elainnio's swatches, the colors looks more pigmented) if I can find a good deal in near future to complete this season's collection!


Maria said...

your skin seems gorgeous on the pics (i know it was meant for eye make up but...) - what did you use for a face makeup?

Cutie Fishball said...

@Maria- Thanks... I am *blushing*.

For base makeup, I have several options but lately it was Sonia Rykiel Base paired with Bobbi Brown liquid foundation. For a quicker makeup, I will use a BB cream :)

But I have also been very hardworking on the skincare area so maybe that helps?

Maria said...

sure it helps!

maybe if you have time you will make a short post about your skin routine? or face make up? i really like the way your skin looks here - the color....etc (i'm obsessed with skin - hahahaha)))) always want to do something with mine to get "that glow")

Cutie Fishball said...

Heehee, I am constantly updating my skincare routine... My latest addition to my skincare stash is the Hitachi Crie machine that I will be writing a blog about.... That has highly improve my skin conditions! (my acne skin has much relief!)

For base products I have been testing a lot of products and it narrows down to a few that work for my skintone and combination oily T zone skin!

just email me if you want to know more about the list of bases I like to use and I am happy to share what I found works best for me :)