Monday, May 7, 2012

Becca Lost Weekend eyeshadow palette

My latest haul is from Becca :)

I have always heard great things about Becca makeup items from youtuber Beauty QQ. I have stumbled about their website and it happened that the lost weekend eyeshadow palette is on sale. At first I have wanted another palette (Enigma palette) but that has long been discontinued.

Lost Weekend palette doesn't have the dark cocoa color (color: Silesia) as the Enigma palette, but this can be a good quick nude makeup look for a quick run to the groceries.

Packing for Becca is a minimalist, no-nonsense matte brown casing. Yay for no fingerprinting!

Color and ingredient list:

Becca is an Australian brand, but love the fact this palette is made in Italy! Looking for some high quality stuff here!

More shots on the palette here, looking pretty matte under shade:

Shot under sun:

At this angle you can see the shimmers at the only shimmery shade:

Lost Weekend palette comes in 2 matte shades and 1 shimmery shade. From left to right, colors are Moleskin(matte), Chino(matte), and Moire(shimmer). However, Moire is not as shimmery compared to my other Japanese eyeshadows which are pack full of shimmers, and hence more prone to fall outs.

Texture-wise, I love the texture... non chalky and pigmented. Goes on smooth without any fall out. They are very similar to the buttery texture like my SUQQU palettes, but this is just a tad more pigmented than SUQQU's. Don't get me wrong, I love both my first BECCA palette and SUQQU's...

Becca's eyeshadow seems to follow like Bobbi Brown's philosophy of nude wearable shades for professional woman. If you are looking for wild and wow colors, Becca may just have a limited selection for that. But I am a big neutral and nude girl these days so I am ok with Becca's selection of browns and neutrals <3

With one swipe on the eyeshadow on my fingers, showing the level of pigmentation on my fingers, under shade:

And under sun, you can see the glitters are not really noticeable:

Actually I noticed that both moleskin(matte) and moire(shimmer) looks highly similar when swatched. Moleskin appears to be more matte nude beige while moire has a slight hint of pink, my the difference is very subtle, especially when I applied the 2 shades on my eyes. And I think it also have to do with I have darker skin tone and with moire not being too shimmery when swatched, both shades does not show up well on my NC-25 skintone.

Swatches on the back of my hand, under shade:

Swatch under sun, you can see how moleskin and moire is fully blended into my NC-25 skintone:

EOTD featuring the Lost Weekend eyeshadow palette:

See what I meant by the very neutral, a quick makeup for a quicky grocery run look?

Apart from the Lost Weekend eyeshadow palette, I have also purchased 2 of their Sheer Tint Lip Color:

The 2 colors I have hauled are Estella and Gisella:

Becca's lip tint comes in this sleek silver tube that looks very substantial and sleek. It's a twist tube lipstick and the cap is also a twist closure:

Photos of lip tint in Estella:

Under sun, it shows a more warm nude shade:

Photos of lip tint in Gisella:

Under sun:

It seems like this tube of Gisella is a bit "old"...  not only do I notice some "sweating" along the lipstick tube, the smell of this lip tint is a little "greasy"? I didn't see/smell the same thing with the other lip tint in Estella. Strange.

Anyways, I have just swatched Gisella for now, top swatch is just one layer of the lip tint and the bottom swatch is layered up 3 times. This lip tint can be layered up for intensity.

Under sun:

Under shade:

Texture-wise, it is really creamy. I would say it is creamier than Relvon lip butters but color selection is not as great as lip butters (20+??). But I think in terms of hydration I think it does a better job than lip butters.

More swatches on this range I found from all the vanity blog's review of this lip tint.

Estella and Gisella are both very similar nude shades with Gisella being a little rosy. I think both shades will compliment with my nude weekend grocery look! (I am not a big fan of loud wild lip colors!)

Finally, a look with both the lost Weekend Palette and lip tint in Gisella. Blush is by Revlon matte powder blush in color 003 Perfectly Peach.

Pretty bare bones? Well, less is more, as people say... and my hubby prefers me to go out without makeup, so I gotta find a middle ground with a minimal makeup look :)


Maria said...

lip colors are super cute!

Cutie Fishball said...

@Maria- Yep, this lip tint is quite moisturizing, tho may not be the most pigmented but I like sheer kinds.... a good dupe will be the loreal color riche lip balms but they are a bit more glossy, which I am ok with!