Monday, April 16, 2012

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 08 Mizuaoi

SUQQU Blend Color Eyes in 08 Mizuaoi was released in Fall of 2011, and along with 07 Komorebi, they joined SUQQU's permanent line-up of eyeshadow palettes.

08 Mizuaoi 水葵 is named for the aquatic plant Monochoria korsakowii.

One day when I was browsing online at Ebay, I came across this 08 Mizuaoi for $50usd shipped. Normally SUQQU palettes retails for $80+ and normally for expensive brands like SUQQU I would purchase earth tones so I can use them on a normal day to day basis... but $50 is too good to pass and so I just snatched it and try to be adventurous!

It arrived within 3 days I won the auction, and it comes with its sleek black little packaging:

Detailed description and ingredient list at the back:

Like other expensive palettes, SUQQU's eyeshadows comes with a velvet pouch. And SUQQU's palettes are a minimalist shiny black plastic casing, that reminds me of a nicely polished grand piano, which is also a fingerprint magnet:

Back of the casing, 6 grams of product that would have cost over 7140 yen (roughly $91US) that is actually quite pricey! I am lucky to have scored at close to 50% off!

As I have mentioned, I don't normally go for purples, pinks and blues with eyeshadows, but this palette have every color that I don't normally get... but hey, sometimes I gotta do something different once in a while (*blush*.... another excuse for excessive hauling!)

A closer look at 08 Mizuaoi. the 4 seperate colors are actually elevated "plateaus".... without much embossing or spray on, SUQQU is always going for the minimalist approach...

The colors that this palette offer is actually quite pretty to look at, and you can already see the shimmery and pearly texture with the close up taken under shade:

under shade

under sun

From divelaboutfrivol's blog, her description of the 4 colors:

A: Peach pink has the largest shimmer particles (which are still very refined and completely undetectable by feel), distributed more sparsely within the oyster pink base, of yellow, green, copper and (very occasionally) blue.

B: Sky-blue, which is packed with fine micro-shimmer, in various iridescent hues of blue and grey, with the occasional hint of pink

C: Plum-purple, a pigmented satin with extremely fine pink and blue micro-shimmer scattered throughout

D: Matte white that does not goes on chalky at all, perfectly smooth and silky

Each shade contains aspects of the others, and the play of light on water ripples back and forth between them.

With just 1 swipe on the eyeshadows with my fingers.... how pigmented and smooth these eyeshadow are!

under sun
under shade

under sun
under shade
EOTD with 08 Mizuaoi:

A very soft pastel-y purple hues that is non powdery or chalky, and is very wearable and subtle. I love how smooth and silky this eyeshadow is... and no issues with glitter or liner color fall out... I can see why SUQQU is targeting professional woman as their main audience... this is certainly work appropriate!

Overall I am very happy with SUQQU products as they are very high quality.... but the price point has always been a turn off.

For the upcoming spring 2012 collection, I am lemming over #11 Himeosango after seeing this swatch picture on the post (and also I have special affections with the name, as hime=princess in Japanese):

.... as warm toned neutrals are my kind of eyeshadow, and I particularly like the taupe-y swatch on the upper right, it is really my cup of tea.... I just have to justify my purchase....

And along with the new spring SUQQU releases, I am also interested in their new Dual Effect Powder Foundation SPF25 PA++ , it will be released on March 23. It will be available in 6 shades and retail at 10,500yen for 11g (or 8400yen for the refill).

Also, I am eyeing over their first sunblock with SPF50 PA+++, Face Protector 50 (6300yen, 30g), to be released on April 20.

And along with the most discussed blusher along the blogger world, the Les Merveilleuses de Laduree rose petal blushers, I think this spring/summer I will be filing for Chapter 11 very shortly!


Maria said...

you are a real suqqu fan! :)

Cutie Fishball said...

@Maria- SUQQU is the highest brand in my collection and I really like them a lot.... but I can't afford getting every single item... they are dead pricey!

Maria said...

and where do you buy it? online?

Cutie Fishball said...

@Maria- This one was from online, specifically Ebay. My other collections came from custom purchase in Japan or UK through my friends :)

Anne said...

nice suqqu collection. i would like to try on the suqqu lipsticks what can you recommend? are they really worth the splurge? thanks

Cutie Fishball said...

@Anne! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am an eyeshadow kind of girl, so I don't really own a large range of lipsticks. My latest one is from Cleu de Peu and I will see how it is going to be. If you are getting SUQQU lipsticks these days, please let me know how they are!