Monday, July 11, 2011

Naruko Niaouli & Tea Tree T-Zone Blackhead Remover

This product is highly praised by Fuz and it has probably become my HG item for treating pimples!

Naruko Niaouli & Tea Tree T-Zone Blackhead Remover is probably my new found love for K.O.-ing those annoying break outs on my combination skin!

The product:

Ingredient list:

This green little tube is really amazing!

Texture of this product is like a white thick toothpaste like cream:

It's easily spreadable:

But actually I dont really need to spread this product around. And I don't follow the instructions printed on the tube. I did what Fuz did in her videos, I usually dab a thick (well, you will see a patch of white visibly) on the affected area and leave it there overnight. Moments after applying this paste you will sense a tingling feeling, meaning the product is working towards the yucky pimples!

My significant other half doesn't really care about any kind of skin care products and he does have break outs from time to time. When I first introduced him this Naruko product, he's hooked. It works on his stubborn pimples and over time he reach for this tube to treat his break outs! Oh I will need a back up!

I have been trying to order this on my second Naruko haul, but this product has been OOS.... come on Naruko, I need back up of this stuff!


Jie Jie said...

You make me wanna try Naruko Blackhead remover! Question, is it ok to leave it overnight? I'd thought that the cream is supposed to 'soften' the blackhead for easy removal and then rinse off.

Cutie Fishball said...

Fuz use it overnight to clear out bumps (potential break outs) and I have been following her method and it is very effective for "KO" the pimples.... I feel the slight tingling sensation if there is a pimple versus trying to apply it over the nose for erasing blackheads, I don't feel a thing.... I didnt notice much clearing of blackheads around my nose probably the Apple Seed line has been clearing my complexion out a lot...

this product has a new packaging in Naruko taiwan now under "Oil Cut"... I will definitely haul this product again as my hubby has been constantly using it for killing his pimples as well!