Friday, July 15, 2011

Naruko AMPM wakeup skin smooth washing powder

This came in free with my Naruko haul as a GWP. Unlike Naruko, the packaging carton is not reusable like the regular Naruko line.

The powder form of this washing powder reminds me of the good old laundry detergent that my mom uses:

The suggested was using "size of a walnut" or "size of $10NT coin", and I definitely use more powder than that, but he resulting lather is a watery foam without much "body" or "substance" to it:

 This foam just spread around my face and within seconds the foam disappeared into a thin layer or mild soapy something on my face. Not enough foam in my opinion to work with the Mizuho nose cleansing brush that needs real foam to clean my pores!

I am not in love with this product. No matter how little or how much I use it, or if I use this with a foaming net, the powder just doesn't foam up as much as I thought it would... Well, it does foam up, but it's very light, and to me it felt like I am just washing my face with running water....  So I don't think it delivers what it says on the back of the bottle... and why not just wash my face with water?

Comparing to my other cleanser I have been using all the time, and it even works for my skin in winter months without leaving my skin tight, Origin's Checks and Balances, it comes in a paste form and I use just a tiny bit of it:

This tiny bit of cleanser results in a massive amount of foam, and with superb cleaning power (There are some more of the foam that I have to wipe them on to my face, since my single hand cannot hold all of the foam):

It produces at least 4x the amount of foam than the AMPM washing powder.

Luckily, this product is free, if I had paid for it, I would be pulling my hairs off my head!


Jie Jie said...

This reminds me of Fancl powder wash that I tried before, I also didn't like it.

Btw, have you got Narcissus foaming wash?

Cutie Fishball said...

I had Fancl powder wash from a long time ago.... and believe me, this is worse than Fancl powder wash.... no cleansing properties whatsoever.... i greatly DISLIKE!

I dont have the Narcissus foaming wash. I think I may wait until my next Naruko haul with maybe a long long time from now!