Thursday, July 28, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow MAC *update* Hint-of-Sapphire

My family of Semi-Precious, don't you think they are like TVB colors?

Ever since my last post on my MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow haul earlier, I said I had my eyes on the blue shadow "Hint of Sapphire" (all due to Miss Elain-Nio!! haha!)

I can't take this urge and so I went back to MAC (20 minutes prior to store's closing hour) to get the shadow before it's completely sold out! (I don't want anymore regrets, it's such a painful feeling!!!)

(Well, my hubby said I am only allowed 1 item per visit to MAC, but I m glad I got it... see below to see why!)

I am happy I got this Hint of Sapphire, as it has excellent veining and a good range of colors in a single palette. It looks like a little blue planet in itself... Mercury, perhaps?

I know there are no two identical semi-precious mineralize e/s based on the way they are baked. Some people would get e/s that have less veining...

I heard rants about this, and even see a thread where there is a girl that bought 4 e/s of the same color and deciding which one to keep:

I am lucky, mine has a range of deep blue, lighter lilac blue, greenish blue, and copper!

Swatches on my arm:

Under shade
Under natural sunlight

You can distinctly see 3 shades of blue and a copperish tone--I get so much out of this single e/s. I am totally in love with this Hint of Sapphire I own, I didn't regret just going out almost closing time to get this e/s!

EOTD with Hint of Sapphire:

It's quite pigmented, isn't it? I  am very happy with the lovely range of blues I get from the Hint of Sapphire. I added a little bit of Quartz Fusion on my outer lower lash line for a pop of color <3


Popcorn said...

Pretty! This eyeshadow looks fabulous~ hahaha I'm gonna head out & buy it. Hopefully I get one with some distinct shades. Doesit has alot of fallout?

Cutie Fishball said...

you came back to the US already with a full belly of goodies?

They are decent shadows but Quartz Fusion have a tad fall out problem because of the shimmers and glitters, but not a whole lot terrible....

hurry and go and grab it before they are all gone.... some colors are gone already (mostly the darkest shade here, which I dont fancy much...)

MisoJenny said...

splurge!! hehe

Cutie Fishball said...

Jenny- Nope, after that I gotta put myself on restraint order to save up :) Saying NO to new items but it's so hard... (eyeing on the Lunasol new Fall collection lately :P)