Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes Summer Limited Edition: EX01 Shelly Ocean and EX02 Vacation Ocean

Yes, I admit I am a LE addict or sucker, anything with "LE" endorsed on it, it will definitely get my attention. 

This time, I fall victim on to Lunasol's summer limited edition's Ocean Scene Eyes... initially I thought I am just getting EX01 Shelly Ocean only as I usually stay from blues (thinking blues only work well on fairer skin tones) but after a few days I saw this nice deal online for a sample of EX02 Vacation  Ocean for $35 shipped (compared to EX01 for $68 from, I just grabbed it without hesitation!!

EX01 and EX02 in its box:

Since EX02 is a sample, it doesnt come with the wrapped cellophane. But when I inspected this palette, everything inside seems fine inside. Not a bad deal at all (another excuse for me to haul one more eyeshadow palette!)

Application tips printed in the inside of the box carton:

The reason why this limited edition is more special than other limited palettes is because of the case design, it has Lunasol etching spelt on all over the surface of the bronzed color case:

EX01 - Shelly Ocean:

This palette comprises of warm earth tone. Since it's a limited edition, it has a brown spray on lettering on the eyeshadow, similar to the letter you seen on the palette case.

And I already knew that the spray on will pretty much disappear after the first swatch.... it will be heart broken to see it go away....

Swatches on my hand. Very shimmery nudes that suits of medium skin color, me likeee!

Please check here for Jie Jie's blog for swatches^^

EOTD with Lunasol EX01:

EX02 - Vacation Ocean:

With a "TESTER NOT FOR SALE" stick at the back of the case and over the barcode on the box. But it's fine with me, who doesn't love beauty with a deal?

EX02 has some soft blue tones to it, a very refreshing blues and it's indeed very summery!

And again, I have not swatched this palette until 2 weeks after I received this palette. I wanted to keep it at its pristine condition for a little longer. You can so tell I am a LE sucker!

Swatches, which is very pigmented and true to the colors in the pan:

The pink looks a little sheer on my arm, but probably because of my medium skin tone. The prettiest color in this palette is of course aqua blue on the upper right. In the begining I thought that these kind of blues would look terrible with my skin tone. But in fact, it's not that bad... I am glad that I pulled the trigger and got this limited edition palette before it's gone forever (like how I regret I didn't get MAC Surf Baby! My Paradise blusher!)

EOTD look with Lunasol EX-02:

If you want to check out more swatches from EX02, please go to Jie Jie's review on this palette^^

The only thing I didn't get is the EX02 Clear Coral Pink blusher. I am concerned if this blusher will be too shimmery for me. I think since these limited edition eyeshadow are so shimmery, a matte blusher will be better for a complete look.

But I really wanted to get the EX02 blusher.... sadly imomoko is selling the blusher as a set with its compact case and brush which is not necessary... and Adambeauty is out of stock for the EX02 blusher refill... where should I go??


Anonymous said...

I have EX02 bought about a month ago but I've yet to use it! Cant bear to erase off the etchings! :P You have very nice ETODs :D

Cutie Fishball said...

thanks for complimenting! I didn't to carry out the blue so well! I used to stay away from blues you know!

Cutie Fishball said...

It took me 3 weeks before I decided to use the lunasol palettes... the letterings has to go away.... but the blues are sooo pretty! Use it and comment!

Anonymous said...

I was like you, used to stay away from such blues! Recently, I started venturing into purples, blues and greens, LOL! OK, shall use it soon and hopefully, post a nice ETOD on my blog! :P

Cutie Fishball said...

seeing how nice the aqua blue turns out on me, I am tempted to get the 05 blue colors from the new Coffret D'or fall 2011 collection.... heehee! But too bad Adambeauty sell them with the case as a set....