Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Youngblood Mineral Foundation

When it comes to mineral foundation, a lot of people will think of Bare Minerals by Bare Essentuals.

But when I was talking to my friend in Japan, she told me Youngblood (YB)is a bit hit in Japan and that a lot of celebrities use their mineral foundation. That was also the first time I learn about this brand as well.

My friend, Luca, asked me to get her a mineral foundation primer by YB for her. As with most imported cosmetics, YB cost a fortune in Japan (more than double I believe!) so in my recent love package to her, I have included the mineral primer she has asked for.

Along with her order of mineral primer, I have noticed they have a starter kit called the "Basics Kit" so I thought maybe I will get one to try out, not a bad deal for $45 (value of $150) and I get to try if this product will work on me, especially when summer months is right around the corner and I want light weight light coverage foundation.

The kit comes in 3 color options: Light, Medium, and Dark. I picked up the Light kit.

That's what comes with the kit:

Kit Includes: 
  • Two Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation (in Barely Beige and Neutral) 2g
  • Mineral Rice Setting Powder (in Sherbet) 2g
  • Crushed Mineral Blush (in Light) 2g
  • Kabuki Blending Brush
  • “Try Me” size of Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder .5g

A comparison of YB Kabuki brush with my MAC 182 Kabuki brush. YB Kabuki brush has a flat top and the hair is not as dense nor soft like the MAC's. When I use the YB Kabuku brush for the first time, I didn't quite enjoy it so much because the hair bristles are not soft enough and they are quite poky. And also, one or two hairs actually fell off on my face as well. I will try applying the foundation next time with my MAC 182 Kabuki brush next time.

The kit also comes with a brochure on application tips. Click on the images for an enlarged image to see the text on the brochure:

Ok, moving on testing out the products itself. Left: my naked face; Right: YB foundation applied with minimal eye make up:

 As you can see, I need to cover up my uneven skin with post-acne scars (got a big one recently!!!) and pink undertones. I used "Barely Beige" foundation powder this time, with a light lotion gel underneath

Coverage is quite good and light weight and it does a good job evening out the skintone. I haven't used any concealer to hide my blemish imperfections too, so I am quite impressed with its coverage power. Also, application is quite easy (please refer to brochure for application tips) and it's perfect for a quite make up for a quick errand run outside.

And another thing I really like is their mineral blush in Sorbet. The powder is finely milled and even though the colors appear to be quite pigmented in the photos, the finish on my cheeks are very smooth and natural. I am really loving this blush!

I am quite amazed that with using powder foundation alone, coverage can be so good and foundation stays put on my face. And this foundation gives my face a healthy glow and after 6 hours of wearing this foundation, there is no melting whatsoever. I used Shu Uemura depsea water spray to refresh and moisturize my face and my foundation looked even better after the spray evaporated.

I have also acquired the Bare Minerals in Matte earlier last month when I received a 20% off at Ulta. I will be reviewing that shortly and make a comparison between the 2 mineral foundation.


Jie Jie said...

I've never tried mineral foundation before and heard from Fuz that mineral is great for summer. I look forward to your review soon:)

By the way, how's your friend in Japan? Hope she is doing well.

Cutie Fishball said...

The way mineral foundation works is it will melts as the day goes, and it gets better as it melts. To refresh, you can just use those portable mineral water sprays (like Evian) and it will just refresh and rehydrates. Probably good thing to have in hot and humid climate of Sg. And it's lighter so your skin will be less burden.

Which friend are you referring to? Hana? It was golden week in Japan and all of them are chilling nicely!

Jie Jie said...

Definitely, how about the coverage?

Yes, Hana san:)

Cutie Fishball said...

Hana-chan is doing well but she is having some gastric problems lately. Luckily it's Golden Week in Japan so she got some rest. She still tell me things about the ongoing issues in Tokyo from time to time :P

Cutie Fishball said...

re: mineral powder coverage. It's quite light, as Jenny said, and hence the less burden you will feel. That's good if you have some small blemishes on your face only :)

Jie Jie said...

I have redness on my cheeks, hope it covers as well..