Friday, May 20, 2011

Gradation Nails with OPI Nail Polish

I usually put on a new color of nail polish on Fridays so I can enjoy them while going out with my love on weekends.

Last weekend was a special one because it's one of our anniversaries. (haha, we have multiples because we have different a wedding date and reception date!) Last year this time, we were in Hong Kong hosting our reception banquet :)

Lately I have been really into gradation nails. I know I could order Japanese nail gradation liquid online but they do not come cheap. So I just figure I can DIY my own gradation nails using different nail polishes. Since we often have good deals with OPI nail polishes from Ulta, why not make use of this?

This time I used 3 colors,  I Juggle... Men, Last Friday Night, and Happy Anniversary (haha, this is just coincident!)

I Juggle... Men is from OPI's Femme de Cirque collection while Last Friday Night is from OPI's Katy Perry collection. They maybe hard to find in stores now.

After applying a nail base, I coat a thin layer of Happy Anniversary, which is a silvery pearl color to the entire nails. Then I go back to apply a second layer towards the tip of my nails for the silver pearl color to appear more opaque. Next, I apply a thin layer of Last Friday Night on my nail and then go back to apply more nail polish at the tips to build more color intensity and glitter. Last Friday Night is quite sheer in color so it may take 3 more coats to show the color. And I also notice that the glitter collection tends to be a lot thicker than their regular nail polishes so you gotta be patient! Finally I top my nails with I Juggle... Man as a top coat.

And voila:

Nice and subtle^^


Jie Jie said...

Nice colours, perhaps you should apply more Last Friday Night more;p? Happy Belated Anniversary!!

Cutie Fishball said...

Last Friday Night is very sheer, but it's buildable.... but I like it light.... and it's hard to show the subtleness in the photos....

but with OPI glitters, the polish is quite thick and harder to apply (the same issues with Teenage Dream, Jenny's color) and it's harder to remove too!