Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beauty Haul for Momo-chan^^

Momo-chan's love package full of yummy goodies had surely came to me as a surprise.

I have been hauling lately for her as well and I think it's time to return the favor to her :)

She has specifically asked me to get some Bobbi Brown's limited edition items when they had their 20% friends and family event a while ago. And with the deal hunter strikes again, I got her some free GWP (gift with purchase) from BB, the lip gloss and gel eyeliner :)

And of course, her favorite drugstore cosmetics (Maybelline, Almay, Revlon, and Covergirl) and a ton of OPI nail polishes (hope it will make it to Japan!)

Then it's some Crayola coloring kit for her kids too, some stickers with US characters (like Sesame Stret and Snoopy) and some dried cranberry and Peeps chocolate :)

And it's US magazines, like Vogue!

So it seems like postage will be crazy with so much heavy items! The total weight of the items in the picture is almost 10 lbs!!! But I discovered USPS actually offer a Priority International Flat Rate shipping using its own USPS boxes, the postage is a flat fee and you can stuff as much as you want into their box up to a 20 lbs limit. Pretty neat right? I will be using this flat rate service more often when sending love packages out!


Popcorn said...

aww you are so nice to help Momo-chan buy some stuffs!

lol hahah the dried cranberries~ I love those.

Cutie Fishball said...


I am always honored to help my friends to haul if they want my help... and I know most of the US cosmetics brand cost a fortune there, and I know Momo-chan will also haul back for me if I need her help too!

I can't think of anything more local than cranberries.... and I am sure most Japanese haven't heard of cranberries before!!! haha!

Now I wish I have a friend in Taiwan as I am into Naruko and My Beauty diary these days!