Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautyblender - The Ultimate Make Up Sponge Applicator

One of the items I have acquired from my Sephora Friends and Family mini haul was the infamous Beautyblender makeup sponge applicator.

I used to use latex sponge wedges for my liquid foundation makeup and then move on with a foundation brush to apply foundation, thinking it's better. But no, so I return back to square one on sponge wedges. Then while blog strolling, I discovered a lot of beauty bloggers raved about this Beautyblender. At the same time, Sonia Kashuk has a similar latex sponge application with a funny "poop" like shape for $9.99 at my local Target.

Well, I maybe a little to imaginative to think it looks like a little piece of blue colored poop.

But at almost half the price of Beautyblender, it seems like a deal. Beautyblender retail for $19.95 for a single one and $25.95 for a two pack one.

I am all about beauty on budget. So my first move is to get the Sonia Kashuk sponge and try it out. The tip actually makes application around hard to reach areas, like nooks and crannies around the nose area, easier. But to my disappointment, the cleaning part is hard. No matter what kind of cleaning agent I used,  shampoo, cleansing oil, eye makeup remover, you name it, the stains from the make up didn't really go away. And no matter how many time I squeeze water off the sponge from rinsing, there is still milky water coming out... And I interpret this as there is still "something" trapped inside the sponge, aka, a lala land for bacteria!

So after countless squeezing, the tip is starting break off! And it's just the first time using and cleaning it! Ok, I just have to return it because it just doesn't work.

So Sephora's Friends and Family event came along and I decided to give Beautyblender a shot.

See how the size of the sponge increases before and after the first soak?

But a minor drawback. Pink dyes keep coming out from the sponge as I soak it for the first time. Pink residue water from the sponge:

And that's after the second soak too! It took me 5 soaks before the residue water comes out completely clear!

Now moving to the application part.

Applicator used from left to right, common sponge wedge > MAC 190SE foundation brush > Beautyblender:

I dabbed 3 tiny spots of my Bobbi Brown skin foundation SPF 15 on my arm and used the 3 applicators to spread the foundation out:


It's quite hard to see the results on my arms and in the picture actually. But the difference is more obvious  when applying to the face.

Sponge wedges: The good thing is they usually comes inexpensive and you can dispose them after each use without breaking the wallet (but not too environmentally friendly tho!!) The tip is great for applying foundation around the nose area as well. However the main problem I have is this kind of sponge soak up too much foundation even I apply it wet. Not that money saving afterall, given that foundation costs a lot more than a bag of cheap sponge wedges, right?

MAC 190SE foundation brush: Well, this is sort of a disappointment for me. Not only does the foundation seems to be sitting on my face without blending it in. And another big draw back is the horrible streak lines the brush leaves behind when applying. A definite NONONO for me!!

Beautyblender: This is my new found love. Foundation blends on smoothly and coverage is excellent. It does a great job concealing my pores and making my foundation flawless. None of issues I had with the sponge wedge or MAC 190SE foundation brush. It doesn't soak up as much foundation liquid as the sponge wedge. And cleaning is rather easy too, with the use of my cleansing oil. 

The final verdict: I love the Beautyblender. Bye bye sponge wedges, bye bye MAC 190SE!


Jie Jie said...

Great review:)! I prefer hands than brush or sponge for better blending. I think Sephora has something like that, if I'm not wrong?

Cutie Fishball said...

oh you are a finger girl? just like Fuz!

Hands are ok to use, but I feel my nails will always get into its way when using it to apply foundation or even eye shadow... and plus there are areas where it's harder to reach by finger tips, that's when the tip of the beautyblender becomes helpful.

I got my beautyblender from Sephora :)