Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Delicious love package from momo-chan!!

The postman buzzed my telecom earlier today. Emm, I didn't order anything online lately, so what will it be?

Oh, it's a big parcel from Japan! It must be Momo-chan!

On the item description, she wrote "Foods (Sweets)"... oh what will it be?

Opening the box:

Wow, it's stuffed with goodies, oh yum!!! And laying the items out, wow!!!

That is quite a scene. A lot of Japanese snacks, cup/bowl noodles, and some pasta sauce. YUMMY!

She even sent me my favorite chocolate snack from Meji:

How did she know I have been buying this snack here in the US as well???

She has also sent me some non-snack items. She said she and her family visited Kyoto during Golden Week. Kyoto is famous for chirimen, and she knows that I love Japanese chirimen so she got me some chirimen goods. And she knows I like sakura and usagi (rabbits)

A small chirimen display with usagi, sakura, and Japanese sweets. It's so delicate and intricate!

And also, there is a cute chirimen bunny, they look so much better than American bunny decoration:

She also got me a "Handki"... that's how Japanese call handkerchieves. It's my favorite sakura pattern! It even has my name embroidered on it!

At one corner, it has some rhinestones too, how cute and pretty:

Along with that, is some limited items from Yojiya. Yojiya is a Kyoto brand specializing in face blotting paper, and Momo-chan got me 2 of their limited edition items (meaning that I will have a hard time trying to use them because they are too precious to use!)

At first I thought this is an oil blotting rice paper. But when I flipped the back side of it, it says it's a paper soap. It will foam up with water. Think about it, it's quite convenient for travel because of the liquid restrictions traveling by air.

This is the oil blotting paper that comes in 2 books. Each book has 20 sheets (that's not a lot! I really find it too precious to use!) It's a limited edition oil blotting paper using sakura pale pink color, hence it's called "Sakura". From the description, I think this sakura pink color is hand dyed, and hence it's limited. Emmmmm!!!!! A collectible item!


Mindy♥ said...

What an adorable love package!! <3

Cutie Fishball said...

Yes Mindy, Mono-chan is really sweet! And she seems to know what I love to eat too! I am feeling I have a sister living in Japan now :)

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Whoa, I love the gift package! She gave you so much and everything looks great! :3

Cutie Fishball said...

Thanks Audrey! Yes who wouldn't like receiving packages in the mail?? I am excited to get any mail, whether it's my own haul, letters, postcards, or love packages.

So knowing I like surprises, I also send out love packages, hoping they will get the same level of surprises!

Momo-chan is so nice, and some of the snacks can't be found here in the US!!!

Jie Jie said...

so sweet<3! I like the handkhi, very personalised... Save some snacks for me!!(lol)

Cutie Fishball said...

Momo-chan became my sister that I have longed for... Singapore also sells plenty of Japanese snacks more then US!!!! And you have chicken rice too!