Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour - RD 733

A while ago I have seen Fuzkittie loaded tons of Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour on her facebook page, then I saw Jie Jie posted in her blog that she has hauled a few of these lippies and that sparked my interests in getting my hands on this product.

Other than RD 733 review in this post, I have also acquired the PK 744 in my mini haul from Hong Kong.

I am interested in how this product works. First step, you have to use the liquid lip color with its applicator on one end of the lippie, and this product is very similar with a lip stain:

Be sure to use lip balm prior to applying this part of the lippies because the formula quite drying to the lips. Make sure the formula dries throughly before applying the next step, the lip gloss, or else you will end up with a gluey yucky mess on your lips! (And so yucky that you can't wipe it away with tissue paper, only cleansing oil can remove the formula!)

Next step, use the applicator on the other side to apply lip gloss to seal in the moisture, and gloss is quite pretty with very fine shimmer flecks. I really like it^^

And according to the instructions, you can reapply this lip gloss as many times as you want to lock in moisture. I actually like this lip gloss a lot, because it's shimmery and non-sticky at all! However, it seems like this lip gloss will run out much sooner than the liquid lip color. Can I actually use another lip gloss with a similar texture, say, the Lancome Juicy Tubes, I wonder?

Swatches on the back of my hand, from left to right, lip gloss alone, lip color+lip gloss, and lip color alone:

I think from the picture, you can see the lip color alone is quite drying right?

Now testing of the lip product on my lips:

Under Daylight
With Flash
Under Indoor Lighting

The color of RD 733 is not really as "red" as name RD suggested. In fact it's more like a rosy, beige tone that works really well with my NC-30 skintone. Compared to pinker hues or oranger hues, this color is quite flattering for me :)

Long lasting? Hell yeah! It stays on my lips all day and all I need is to reapply the lip gloss throughout the day (hence I question if I can use Lancome Juicy Tubes in lieu of this when it runs out...) I have to use make up cleansing oil to remove this formula throughly. 

However, I have a slight issue with this lippie. First it's the time needed to wait till the lip color formula to dry up completely prior to applying the lip gloss.  I am not sure how long I will need to wait, whether it's one minute or two minutes?? And when waiting this formula to dry, I kind of have to keep my mouth wide open (like a fish!) because closing my lips will cause the formula to stick together... and this is the tiny annoying part, maybe for a minute or so?

And the next issue I have is this lip product tends to conglomerate into tiny lumps later in the day, and I noticed the problem maybe because of moisture. For example, the tiny lumps occur around the inner lips (where it's moister because it's closer to your oral cavity) or after you have a cup of water. I checked back at Fuz's facebook post, some tiny lumps actually show up in her inner lips with the different lip colors too! Anyone has the same problem?

Fuz using RD 252

Fuz using OR 212

See what I meant by the tiny lumps appearing in the inner lips area? I guess it's not terribly a big issue given how long lasting this lippie is :)


Jie Jie said... should wait for about 1 minute. Let me know your thought on PK744:)

Cutie Fishball said...

I am pretty sure I waited for more than one minute, with my lips open wide like an octopus... but still the inner lips will have globs of the mess... and I think it has to do with the moisture in my inner lips... but I am ok with it given this lipstick/stain is quite long lasting!

or maybe it's just me?

I will be using PK744 soon :)

Jie Jie said...

LOL about the octopus lips =] I mentioned in my blog that I use tissue to tab off the excess and apply the gloss without waiting (during morning rush hour).

Cutie Fishball said...

Em, I need to explore more on the best way of applying this lippie... I have to make this work for me haha! (well after I fully recover from my allergies first)