Monday, April 4, 2011

US-Japan Swap!

Actually this swap should have happened over 4 weeks ago before the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan.

After the incident happened, I hold off the swap for a little bit in order to allow necessary relief supply to reach Japan first by not clogging up their already burdened up postal system.

The swap was initiated by Momo-chan, a dear neighbor of mine from the iphone app game, "Bakery Story."

We have been chatting on and off on each other's wall, and it developed into a back and forth email exchange. Both of us love cosmetics, and the funny thing is I am crazy about Japanese brands while Momo-chan is crazy about American brands. So we decided to do a swap a month ago.

This is what I have collected for her as of 4 weeks ago:

She is curious and interested about US drugstore brands so I grabbed her a few that have good reviews and great deals (such as the Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush!!) Along with make up items, I have found toys for her 2 young kids as well :)

Since I hold off mailing her, 3 weeks later, the collection grew into a whopping 7+ lbs to Japan! (Boo for USPS service as packages of 4lbs+ will need to be shipped out as Priority... meaning it cost more for me!!!)

See how large the collection grew? Momo-chan and her husband is crazy about Nike t-shirts. According to her, they cost a whooping 3000yen ($30+usd) each over there. It only cost me $10 here at a discount store...

I also gave her samples of various perfumes and US skincare (like Kiehl's and Origins) for her to try out as well.

She should be getting this love package sometime this week. I can't wait to hear her scream!


Jie Jie said...

I want it too!!!:) (lol)

yummythaimangoes said...

aw! that's so nice of you! and so nice of you for holding off, too. i understand! i love how you thought of her boys too!

Cutie Fishball said...

Hi Yummythaimangoes:

(emm, your name is making me drooling... the mangoes we have here are imported from Mexico and they really suck..)

I love receiving mail packages myself, so I like to spread my love to others too.. and knowing this new friend of mine have kids, I think they would love surprises too...

I think it's common sense not to clog up the postal system so that the necessary relief supplies can get there on time! My friend lives in Kansai region so if she is in the Tokyo area, I will hold off even longer too!

@Jie Jie- A mini version is coming your way. A bigger version will come when you pick up what you want from NARS later in the week!