Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiss Me Heroine Make smooth liquid eyeliner

Along with my with my KMHM mascaras I have also acquired this KMHM smooth liquid eyeliner, with an emphasis of a 0.1mm ultra-fine brush head on the upper right of the packaging. I used to buy a bunch of fine drawing pens for outlining when I was much younger, so I definitely know what 0.1mm fineness is.

To be honest, I am getting tired of my current NARS liquid eyeliner. I have been shifting away from my reliable Bobbi Brown gel liners because I want to move on with a finer, crisper line now that I have gain enough confidence to draw a fine tightline on my upper lash line. But the NARS eyeliner has been giving me so much trouble. I mean it was very nice when it was new, but gradually the tip dries up... but the back part of the felt tip is still full of ink, so every time I would need to "press" the felt tip at the back of my hands to squirt its ink out and "wet" the tips in order to apply to my eyes. In the end, I have a huge mess to clear on the back of my hands every time I make up with this eyeliner.

So, moving on now.

Front and back of the package:

It features a 0.1mm tip, and I love fine tips! And I noticed this product has only 0.4ml content, versus NARS that has 0.8ml of product. But who cares about double the ink if there is a problem with getting it out of the brush tip???

And for the actual eyeliner itself:

The shiny burgundy tube design with gold lettering and rose emblem looks quite chic and elegant, which is a big attraction for me :)

Application on my eyes:

It does deliver a fine line! I like this part. However, I think it doesn't dry fast enough. I usually do my eye makeup in this order: eyeshadow > eyeliner > mascara curler > mascara > brows. But with this eyeliner, after I use my mascara curler, some of the eyeliner ink was transfered on to the curler. then I needed to reapply some more eyeliner. It's not that big of a problem for me because it's more frustrating using the stupid felt tip from the NARS eyeliner anyways... So I can live with it.

Overall, I love this product. I have also acquired Fuz's HG Dolly Wink eyeliner and I will be reviewing and comparing next, stay tuned!


Jie Jie said...

Great review:) I'm still practicing for perfect eyelining!

Cutie Fishball said...

Trust me, this is quite easy to draw. This eyeliner is just my second liquid eyeliner and the tip of it makes it so easy to control.

I used to like Bobbi Brown's gel liner but I must say this liquid eyeliner is so much easier and cleaner to use!