Monday, April 25, 2011

Kiss Me Heroine Make mascaras - Long & Curl, Volume & Curl

I have asked my good friend Nana to send me the Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara from Hong Kong in my beauty haul a little over a month ago. She sent me both the long & curl (left) and the volume & curl (right).

Kiss Me Heroine Make (KMHM)mascara are raved in a lot of beauty blogs (like Kathi's Lotus Palace) for its price point and quality. It is almost 50% cheaper than Majolica Majorca's mascara ($68hkd vs. $128hkd), so I am curious to find out how does KMHM's mascaras compare to MJ's.

KMH long & curl mascara:

It has a slightly curved applicator/bristles and unlike MJ that is more like a flat comb, KMHM's are more like a 3D brush:

This lengthening mascara won the first place in Cosme's mascara category back in 2009. Cosme is sort of like the US's allure beauty award here. It is Japan's leading beauty/skincare pop chart. Its ranking change by the week and it's quite interesting to see the top winners of beauty products by category. Go check it out!

I usually like to use lengthening mascaras but this time I would like to give the volumizing kind a try.

KMHM volume & curl mascara:

The volume & curl has a different applicator shape. It sort of looks like the number "8" rotated about 360 degrees.

Now, putting the mascaras to the test. 
Left: long & curl
Right: volume & curl

Close up of volume & curl:

Close up of long & curl:

See how feathery, light and clean my lashes are? I really love this. It looks like I have put on nice falsies on my eyes too! I love it!!

I notice that the long & curl gives really distinctive lash by lash look and is very similar to what MJ's lengthening mascara does, almost identical I would say. For the volume & curl, I would say it's similar to its lengthening cousin, except it has a little "clumping" action going on. This clumping is not from using an old mascara, as I have just opened this mascara for review.

In terms of durability, KMHM mascaras stay put during the 6 hours I have them on me without any smudging and falling off. I am totally sold on beauty on a budget!

Moving on to the cleansing part. It's about the same stubborn-ness as the MJ mascaras that requires time and care to clean it off properly with my Shu Uemura green cleansing oil. (well, that explains why it didn't smudge, right?)

I have also accquired KMHM's pink tube of mascara remover and I will review it later, most likely when I am traveling for a small trip or something later. Also, I have their liquid eyeliner that I will be reviewing with Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner and see which one works better for me :)

Hope you girls have enjoyed my review!


Mindy♥ said...

Fantastic review! <3 You have really pretty eyes!

Cutie Fishball said...

Thanks Mindy, for your compliment!! Of all make up items, I love eye make up the most!! I love making my eyes being able to "talk"^^

Jie Jie said...

Agree:) Yay for your next review on Dolly Wink!

Cutie Fishball said...

Jie Jie- you may want to check out Kiss Me Heroine liquid eyeliner if you can get it in Sg... it's very similar with Dolly Wink in terms of tip size and ink...