Thursday, April 14, 2011

Revlon Custom Eyes in 020 Naturally Glamorous

Recently I have been into the drugstore cosmetics shopping mode that involves coupons and store deals. What's better than a good make up product at an amazing price!

While browsing at youtube, I noticed Michelle Phan mentioned about a new Lancome quint eyeshadow. I went to Sephora to check this palette out. Though it's at a pricy $48 price point, I love the how smoothy it glides on my skin... I love the texture... however the neutral brown color palette that I wanted, "Taupe Craze" is sold out...

Oh well, that saved me $48 I guess...

So on our way back, we stopped by CVS and I saw that Revlon has a buy one get one 50% off for all Revlon cosmetics. This new eyeshadow by Revlon caught my eye as it's a nice brown themed quint. In addition, these eyeshadows has a $2 off peelies affixed on them. Retailing at $8.99, with the BOGO 50% plus 2 of the $2 manufacture coupon off, and an additional $3 Extra Bucks that I got from a previous purchase, the total came out to be $6.49 for 2 of the eyeshadows. For $3.25 you get a Revlon eyeshadow, that's not bad at all.

Now, moving on to the review on the eyeshadow itself.

This series of Relvon eyeshadow has an interesting pattern/texture imprinted on them, that looks like knitted warn or woven fabric of some sort:

For the swatches of eyeshadow, they have good color pay off given that I have only swipe once for each of these shadows on my arm:

And applying them on my eyes, pairing with Bobbi Brown gel liner in black and my new Kiss Me Heroine mascara (will be reviewed later):

I used to like fancy greens, yellows, pinks, purples, blues, or reds when I was much younger. But as I am growing older, I came to realize that those fancy colors only work will for those who have "white chocolate" skin. And having a "milk chocolate" skin of NC-30, I came to realize that neutrals and browns work best for my skintones. And it's age appropriate for me.

After 5 hours of wear, there was no significant fall outs that I noticed. Another big plus!

Overall, this eyeshadow has great color pay off. Although it cannot be compared to the smooth silkiness texture of the Lancome quint eyeshadow, it's good given it's only $3.25 compared to Lancome's hefty $48 price point. And I think the colors offered here are less shimmery than Urban Decay's Naked palette, making it very appropriate for a formal work make up (knock knock Jie Jie). Its small compact size is great for packing in your office make up bag :) Good for a everyday nude makeup!!


Jie Jie said...

haha..i love your comment on 'it's age appropriate for me' I agree and neutral colours (less shimmery) are very practical, to me:)

Revlon eyeshadow palette in Singapore normally costs around
S$20plus..I would rather top up S$20 for Lancome! How's the colours for Lancome?

Cutie Fishball said...

oh sorry, I didn't mean it's age appropriate for you, I mean it's work appropriate for you!!

I plan to get that Lancome palette regardless... the texture is just soooo great, even better and smoother than Lancome!!!

Revlon is expensive in Sg! This only cost me a little over 3 buck! so around S$4!

Jie Jie said...

haha:) its ok! yes, Lancome palette is another temptation for me..

Cutie Fishball said...

The Lancome palette is sold out at my local Sephora stores. I am planning to order it online with that 15% off... I am collecting all sorts of brown toned palettes.

Speaking of which, RMK's 2010 winter limited palettes are brown toned. Have you seen them?

Jie Jie said...

oh really? I wonder I can still get Lancome palette here.

For RMK, I think I saw it before..

Cutie Fishball said...

I just placed my order on for the lancome palette :)

I think you may like RMK, it's subtle and work appropriate :)

Jie Jie said...

But I find that the RMK packaging as compare to Lancome is a bit ordinary and yet pricey.. what do you think?

Cutie Fishball said...

Another issue I have with RMK's packaging is the fingerprint issue... Not really a big issue... it's sleek but I just hate fingerprints everywhere...

RMK eyeshadows arent the most pigmented but they do glide on smoothly. With that the subtle natural colors make it very work appropriate.

I got the RMK eyeshadow that I started using a few days ago and my hubby said, wow, I love you in all naturale look!

And I recently acquired the Lancome new palette and I will compare them for you and tell you which one is better!