Saturday, April 2, 2011

More updates from Hana-chan...

It has been over 10 days since I last heard from Hana-chan, but I won't blame her because I understand that she and her country is going through crazy stressful times. Tonight, just as I was watching NHK news online, I got her e-mail again!

She sent me 2 pictures she snapped during rolling blackouts... not a scene that I was familiar with a vibrant, lively night city of Tokyo.

See how dark and scary it is in a usually busy Ikebukuro Station?

Doesn't the dark streets look like the dark streets we have in the US?

She voiced her frustrations for the current situation and concerns she has for her country. Nevertheless, the ongoing radiation contamination, rolling blackouts, and along with destructive impacts on the manufacturing sector are the main concerns for Japan at the moment.
But I still believe that despite all of those, Japan is a strong nation that their citizens will stand up and stay united in times of crisis.

Here goes her e-mail to me:

Dear: O-san☆

Sorry for not writing earlier.

I worked in my home, but I've been laid up with flu for the last week.
And while I was not able to send email to you, I have been through a lot.

My distantly related family sheltered in my house from Fukushima,
after my flu was cured.
They stay in my room and parlor of our house.
My family is a typical Japanese urban nuclear family. Our house is very small.
So I use the cheap apartment and began a single life from the end of last week.
Now I'm going to work everyday, my parents too. So we are very busy.
Therefore we give a meal to them and go to restaurant or shopping with
them by turns.

I'm going to my office from the apartment everyday.
It's hard because there is still little number of the train.
Many commuters go to office of Tokyo from Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba etc.
Elevators and escalators of the most stations are stoped.
Even in big terminal stations are very dark because electricity disappears.
(send the photo of the Ikebukuro Station yard)
It's effective that economy in power consumption of railroad companys,
but the dark station is scary.
We commuter feels hard everyday.
But it's a matter of course to our patience for the people of the victim.

The light of our town almost goes out other than a streetlight.
Restaurants, convenience stores, too.

On the other hand, there are not so many taking scheduled blackouts.
However, we don't know whether we are cut off until just before that.
It's big stress.
There are many suppositions during the period of the scheduled blackouts.
until next winter, until next summer...
When will it be over?
How will about the Japanese national economy?
As for the Japanese economy, not avoided a fall.

This earthquake brought a Japanese much damage.
And bad influences will continue being given with various aspects for
a long term from now on.
So we must work hard and help with Japanese economy.
It will be what many Japanese people feel...

As you read in news, the tap water of Tokyo was contaminated.
I watched the TV news that world most countries declined the import of
farm products from Japan.
As for a part of the vegetables cultivated in Kanto area being
contaminated, other farm products are contaminated.

While I was flu, I read several books about the radioactivity.
The government says that tap water doesn't have a problem now.
But the radioactivity is dangerous to the human body in small quantities.

Radioactivity still leaks out from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station.
Wind and the sea water carry radioactivity to all the countries of the world.
The Japanese Government should apologize to the world.
Japan continues contaminating this beautiful earth.
I want to be sorry for the world as stupid Japanese one.

I knew the news about the vice president of TEPCO by your email for
the first time.
Probably it doesn't become the big news in Japan.
(Possibly only I may not know it...)
The government made the rule that TEPCO gain much money.

The specialists in radioactivity are saying "the radioactivity doesn't
have any problem" on TV.
They get a lot of money from TEPCO and the government.
Now the nation notices the government tells a lie.

I thank and respect for your mind that selling earrings for making
donation to Japan Red Cross.
I'm in Japan, but can't go to the stricken area to help victims.
At stricken areas, they are not having the preparation for acceptance
of the volunteers...
I don't have the experience of the volunteer, and I have to do daily work...
There are a lot of problems to go to the  stricken area.
But today I will bring the relief goods which I collected from my
friends to the local government.
They are three corrugated cardboard.
I donated to Japan Red Cross, and I'm also donating when I see the donation box.

[and some random girly chit-chats between us...]

Thank you for reading.

with BIG thanks!


Jie Jie said...

thanks for the update:)

Cutie Fishball said...

Jie Jie - Hana-chan sounds like she is very frustrated with the situation with a gloomy future prospect... things are definitely not looking good in terms of the manufacturing/economic sector, and along with the radiation concerns... and who know what will happen when summer months come along with the rolling black out plans?? I really worry for her!

Jie Jie said...

Me tooo:( I really hope that she is stronger than before, and so grateful that she has such a caring friend like you!