Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini beauty haul^^

I always like to receive packages in the mail! (I sound like a little girl!)

This time, I received a package from Lala!

Thanks to Lala that helped me gather these makeup items I have drooled over! I am glad I have such a nice friend that is willing to run around and mail me make up products!

In fact, Hong Kong has one of the best make up pricing and whenever I have a chance to visit Hong Kong, I will haul a whole bunch of stuff for myself. However, when new products come out, I can't resist of getting my hands on them. Sadly, some sellers are unwilling to send items overseas so that's when I turn to Lala for her help in collecting various items I am interested in.

Allow me to say "I Love You" to Lala here :)

For this time, I have hauled the following items:

Koji Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in Deep Black (Fuz's HG eyeliner)
Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara volume+length (new release)
Majolica Majorca lengthening mascara in BR 666 (limited edition)
RMK Autumn Brown Eyes #03 Red Brown (Winter 2010 limited edition)
Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N 10 Vintage Deco (new taupe color)
Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour in PK 744 and RD 733 (inspired by Fuz's Maquillage lippies collection)
Shiseido Ettusais Nighttime Defense powder
Konjac Sponge for face cleansing
Nose hair clippers (for "someone" else that needs a good trimming, hoho!)

Gifts from Lala:
2 sheets of My Beauty Diary - Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask (Woot! Cherry blossoms!)
Glamax Mascara Base (korean brand)
Koji Accent curler No.100 (for lower lash)

I will be reviewing these items shortly.

Once again, thanks Lala!

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