Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An encounter with Beauty Box^^

About 2 weekends ago, I met up with Beauty Box, the awesome beauty blogger at Radiance Tea House. 

It was a muggy and hot Saturday afternoon (yes, we are being struck by countless heatwave here on the East Coast!!) and we met at Radiance Tea House, a small place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

This is a perfect way to stay cool and calm our senses down!

Silver Needle tea, quite refreshing!

Chicken dumplings, with a kick of some heat!

She has document our first counter fully here

Here's how it all get started:

So, I have been following Yu Ming's blog Beauty Box for about a few months when Nic Nic of Bang Bang She Shoots recommended me over to check out Yu Ming's awesome reviews on Japanese BB creams (for those BB cream fanatics please go over to Beauty Box to check it out!)

My first impression of her picture from her blog was, will it be possible I found someone with a slightly "healthier" skintone, or a tad tanner than the normal snow white Asian lady, as Yu Ming mentioned she is a NC-25 as well...

After reading her posts, she indeed sparkled my fire on getting varies Japanese BB creams that matches her skintone and to my surprise, it matches me pretty darn well. And it just happened I just learnt that she will be visiting NYC shortly so about 3 days prior to her trip, I suggested to meet up with her.

To be clear, I don't normally ask for meeting up people especially I have not really know "her" for that long, but when I think about how I met my husband (from craigslist) I told myself to trust my instincts that Yu Ming gotta be an awesome blogger to meet. 

And I was correct!! Yu Ming is such a soft spoken and elegant lady!

I had great time chatting with her (and my hubby too) and time really passed by quickly and we gotta go to my hubby's appointment. I felt I have a lot of connections with her, and interestingly makeup and skincare wasn't the only thing we chat about.... Cultural issues like how we were originally born and raised in another country now building a place we call home now are the common thing I felt I am bonded with her in a special way...

I hope to make way down to visit NYC again once our schedule opens up and I hope I can spend more time with her chatting more beauty related issues while she is still in NYC! (or I will have to fly to Tokyo to see her?! Not a bad idea after all for my JP makeup haulage??)

Though we agree before meeting that we won't be doing any kind of swap (due to lack of time prior to meeting) but she kindly gifted me a sample gift bag with some paper masks for me to try:

Deluxe samples from the 美思 line from Missha (their deluxe anti-aging line), a lipstick sampler by Shiseido, various sample sachets (dying to try Dr. Ci:Labo, heard great things about them) and various masks (how did she know I know MBD's Earl Grey Tea mask? I have stocked them up recently!!)

At the same time, I also know that she is "on the move" so I packed a little "beauty box" filled with samples from varies brands so she can try out certain brands and perhaps pick up full sized for the ones she really like prior to returning to Tokyo.

I gotta start planning with my second encounter with wonderful Yu Ming!!

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