Monday, July 16, 2012

SUQQU Blend Eyeshadow EX-06 Maiyuki

SUQQU Blend Eyeshadow EX-06 Maiyuki is part of SUQQU 2009 holiday collection makeup kit A. Maiyuki in Japanese Kanji is 舞雪 [=mai, =yuki], roughly translate "dancing snow", just as when snowflakes start to fall, they are being drifted by the wind and appear to look like they are dancing.

For example I found a "Maiyuki" print design makeup pouch while googling:

The poetic name "Maiyuki" is reflected on the design of the snowflakes design on the SUQQU palette:

Note that because Blend Eyeshadow is from an earlier collection, SUQQU palettes were a bit different back then. The material of the palette is still the highly glossy lacquer that resembles that of a piano veneer, but the more current ones from 2010 onwards are purely black glossy veneer. This older version is a deep burgundy kind of color, shown side by side here in a comparison picture:

The older Blend eyeshadow palettes has a total of 6.7g of products while the newer Blend Color eyeshadow palettes has a total of 6.5g. While the newer ones from this Spring 2012, numbers 09, 10, and 11 have only 5.5g of total product! We are getting less and and less product while the price kept going up!

And another difference is the base color at the lower right has a slightly smaller footprint and the lower right liner color has a vertical imprint of "SUQQU" on it:

Left: 04 Keshizumi, Right: EX-06 Maiyuki

Also notice the older version of SUQQU doesn't have a "raised elevated "plateaus" pressed eyeshadow as they appear to be flat/flushed with the palette.
Since EX-06 was part of a Christmas coffret set, it doesn't come with the matte little cardboard box that comes with other quad eyeshadows. I was able to bid on this palette via Japan auction site, with the help of my friend, Momo-chan :)

Moving on to a closer look of this awesome eyeshadow quad EX-06 Maiyuki:

The colors that this palette offer is actually a cool taupe with a slight hint of shimmer on the top two shades in the quad. But compare to the newer SUQQU eyeshadows, this palette is is not as shimmery and the colors are more subtle, hence more work appropriate.

A closer look at EX-06 Maiyuki:

under shade
under sun

A quick description of the 4 colors in the pan:

A: Shimmery pale baby pink with very noticeable refined silver shimmers and very fine pink shimmers. It is the most shimmery shade out of the quad,  It looks more pink in the pan but when swatched, it appears to be more of a silvery finish. Texture of this is extremely smooth, and no fall-outs during application.

B: Cool taupe color, which is packed with fine micro gold and silver shimmer(barely noticeable, with a nice sheen, in various iridescent hues of taupe, grey, with the occasional hint of cool brown

C: Cool brown, a pigmented satin with extremely fine gold and bronze micro-shimmer occasionally scattered throughout, this color is the darkest in quad, which is for tightlining

D: Off beige white with a golden champagne/slivery sheen, that goes on chalky at all, perfectly smooth and silky
Texture of this is extremely smooth, and no fall-outs during application. Being part of a holiday collection, I would think this palette contains more shimmers and sparkles but I was proven wrong, compare to my current SUQQU collection, this is definitely a more subtler eyeshadow quad.

In terms of texture, this palette again meets my expectations with SUQQU, which is smooth and silky, and application is very easy without any fall outs. Swatches at the back of my hand:

under sun

under shade

The shimmers in colors A and B are more noticeable in the shade:

I truely think this palette is very appropriate for work with a subtle balance of pigmentation and shimmer.

EOTD with EX-06 Maiyuki:

Finally, ending with a FOTD:

Eyes: SUQQU Blend Shadow EX-06 Maiyuki
Brows: B&C Labo Browlash EX Eyebrow pencil and liquid (grayish brown)
Face: base-Sonia Rykiel Smoothing Gel Base, foundation-SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation
Lips: Maquillage Essence Glamour Rouge BE 790

A very soft cool taupe hues that is non powdery or chalky, and is very wearable and subtle. As always, I love how smooth and silky SUQQU eyeshadow can offer... and no issues with glitter or liner color fall out... which is very work appropriate! I can see why SUQQU is targeting professional woman as their main audience.

Overall I am very happy that I have the chance to score this discontinued SUQQU palette as they are very high quality.... but the price point has always been a turn off, but again it's hard to resist and as they are not readily available, and it makes them more precious and so collectible!


Beauty Box said...

Ooo I love how this palette looks on you...It's really pretty and elegant.

Cutie Fishball said...

actually there are other favorites I have from SUQQU. 04 Keshizumi, 05 Sakurakaba and 11 Himesango are my top picks tho I like them all...

I guess the colors that SUQQU offer does appeal to people like us (age group), office lady professional setting, etc...

I tried SUQQU foundation for the first time over the weekend, it's some good stuff!!! Try it when you go back to JP!!

memoiselle said...

Oh my you have LOTS of Suqqu! Where do you get those products? I ordered through a friend who's in UK.

Cutie Fishball said...

Hi memoiselle!

welcome to my blog! I actually get my dosage of SUQQU primarily from Japan because I have friends there, tho I have asked a friend in UK to get me this spring's collection from Selfridges too.... but for older/retired items I have asked my Japanese friends to look out from them on blog sale/second hand aftermarket :)