Monday, May 14, 2012

Love package from Gracious Glamour of Singapore^^

Grace, also known as Gracious Glamour on youtube, is a very very sweet girl that I know via her youtube channel (please visit her channel here, her videos are so cute and awesome). 

I came across her youtube videos about a year ago when I started my whole makeup craze, I was searching for Jill Stuart makeup items and it lead me to one of her haul videos. And faith bonded us together when I won her birthday giveaway last year. Since then we exchange emails and eventually I was so attracted to her cute personality and I sent her a love package to Singapore.

That's how we "hit it off"... and then recently I have received her gracious love package from the land of shopping, Singapore!

So, here's some love from Singapore, express mail-ed to me (and yet took about 10 days):

As usual, if any of you are familar with Singapore as a "Fine City", you won't be surprised seeing so much "Dont's" on printed on the mailing carton:

Interesting, huh?

So when I open up the package, it was packed full of cuteness!

Full lineup. Grace always pack her goodies in cute wrappings.... which are so rare here in the US:

Along with her cute theme, she sent me a few exclusive Asian sheet masks... and they are too cute to be used... maybe it will end up in my collectible stash!

And Grace was soooo considerate. She know I have a craving for Asian snacks and she sent me a bunch! The large packet to the left is a famous pork jerky maker Bee Chang Hiang. Anyone who travels to Hong Kong or Singapore will definitely knows about this brand!

She is so thoughtful that she sent me a McDonald's fries mix. I had that once a long time ago when I was in Hong Kong and it really makes french fries up another notch! Even came with a paper bag! Thanks Grace, you are sooo sweet!

And these are the much anticipated green tea kit kat chocolate bars. In the US we just have the normal orange wrapper kinds and the Japanese kit kat have so many variations. I think because they are coming from a super hot climate during transit, these bars have melted and that explains its deformed shapes in the wrapper, but they still taste very good to me! Now I am hooked and I am looking for ways that I can find them in the US!! (so far I have seen US$196 for a box on Ebay which is insane!!)

And along with these there is a very cute pair of fuzzy socks and a Little Twin Stars hand lotion. It looks like they are a matching pair with soft fuzziness and total matching colors!

And on to the makeup department. Grace sent me real nice goodies including blushers from Chanel and Anna Sui. They are really expensive gifts and I will cherish them! And also a limited edition K-palette liquid eyeliner. I have heard good things about K-palette liners compared to Kiss Me and Dolly Wink, so I can't wait to try... and hey, it's limited edition! Which girl doesn't like limited edition stuff?!

Anna Sui blush has very pretty rose imprint designs... it's too pretty to use and it may become one of my admiring "untouchable" blusher collection!

I know that the Chanel Joues Contraste Blusher in Fleur de Lotus is an Asia exclusive shade and its pink works well on my Asian yellow skintone! 

I am super loving this blush! And I will be updating my Chanel Joues Contraste blusher collection I have with swatches shortly in my blog. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

wow Grace is so generous - what a package!! now you can finally try the kpalette liner ^^

Cutie Fishball said...

Ya Grace is really sweet! I will be trying the k-palette liner shortly n it's LE!! Making it soooo special. And you are generous too! Stay tuned to my blog....