Monday, May 21, 2012

Operation use it up^^

Do not mistake me as a hoarder, I collect empties for a reason...

Kiehl's has a empty recycling program that I have enrolled in, but it is limited to bringing back empties from their own brand with some restrictions, such as trial sized bottle does not count towards this program.

So over the 3-4 winter months I have been using up the above products (and yes a big part of my routine is my all time favorite Naruko!) But why am I collecting them?

It does comes with some kind of "reward"...

Origins Earth Day's special - bring an empty in for a free moisturizer.

This is my loot on the Earth's Day:

Actually this year's Earth Day is a bit different from the past few years where only Origins free standing stores participate in the recycling program. Instead, Origins counter such as those in Macy's and even Sephora participated in this year's program so visiting a mall with 3 options already guarantee 6 gifts (assuming my almighty assistant+chauffeur=my hubby) is going around with me on this mission.

(and Earth Day here in the Atlantic North East has been a dreary raining day, which maximizes my chances of getting the free moisturizers. I know friends in California that has absolutely no luck at all because of the overwhelming responses. The freebies are all gone within minutes after 10am when most malls open that day)

With that said, it's impossible for me to finish up all 10 tubes of the moisturizer. I am going to give them away to friends that unable to get these themselves or friends that are seriously in search of good natural moisturizers. I do not have need for all 10 of them!

As an FYI, I will be updating my skincare routine later as some bloggers have been curious which products I have been using and which products work on me. Stay tuned!


Maria said...

so many empties!!!!
i'm curious about your thoughts about Narko products you've used up!
write a bit about it please :)

Cutie Fishball said...

I actually like 3 of their lines: Oil Out, Raw Job's Tears and Appleseed line. I especially like their toners and serums. Working well on me, and especially the oil line is very effective against break outs! I will report on my current skin care routine shortly.

Beauty Box said...

WOW! It's worth keeping empties to swap them...

Cutie Fishball said...

@Beauty Box- I dont mean to hoard these freebies for myself, but I do give them to friends or beauty bloggers overseas.... next time I will save up for you!