Monday, August 20, 2012

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-06 Usuchaori

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-06 Usachaori (淡茶織)  was actually a limited edition shade from the Xmas 2011 Coffret Set B that I have received back in December from my lovely pal from Japan Kazue^^

EX-06 Usachaori (淡茶織) embraces the meaning of "cashmere, the precious gem in the world of woven textiles," and indeed the ultra smooth and silk texture of this high quality palette is a definite luxurious treat to my eyes!! And the reason I chose this over Kit A EX-05 Usumomokurumi (淡桃包)is because I am a huge neutral brown freak and I see myself reaching neutral browns for my everyday makeup than a cool smoky shade.

Other bloggers have blogged about with excellent in-depth reviews and swatches, please refer to drivel about frivola touch of blusher, and fruitty lashes for more information/swatches!

The coffret set came with a off-white cream colored original pouch (very high quality, not the normal GWP pouches that you will receive, SUQQU eye cream R (0.14g) and an eye make up remover R (50m). I have finished using the eye cream during the winter months, and I think its heavy consistency is perfect for winter months but maybe a problem for the muggy summer months.

Comparsion of the X'mas eyeshadow casing (left) with regular eyeshadow casing (right, note the specks you see on the regular one is indeed dust! But the speckles you see on the X'mas one is real specks of glitter, not dust!)

More pictures of this lovely EX-06 Usuchaori palette:
natural sunlight by the window to the right

natural sunlight by the window to the left

under shade

A: A very light color grayish-beige toned taupe, with very fine gold-toned shimmers. To my NC-25 skin tone, I call it a borderline shimmer/satin sheen that will work on me as highlights at the center of my lids/inner corners of my eyes/lower lashline. Texture of this is extremely smooth, and no fall-outs during application.

B: A pigmented peachy gold color, with noticeable pearly shimmers in it. The actual swatch itself looks very flattering on my NC-25 skintone. This is a very lovely and versatile color that I will see myself reaching out a lot for a nice nude eyes everyday look.

C: A very pigmented and rich medium to dark taupe, and it has very pretty fine pink/bronze shimmers that compliment color "B" very well, and it works on my NC-25 skintone.

D: A matte ivory white primer/base color, typical of SUQQU quad palette.

Texture of this is extremely smooth, and no fall-outs during application. This palette overall is not as pigmented as some of the other collection offered by SUQQU, but I find it very work appropriate with the right balance of pigmentation.

With one swatches on my fingers:

Swatches under the back of my arm:

under light, by the window

under shade

In terms of texture, this palette again meets my expectations with SUQQU, which is smooth and silky, and application is very easy without any fall outs. I truly think this palette is very appropriate for work with a subtle balance of pigmentation and shimmer. 

EOTD with EX-06 Usuchaori:

The color combination of EX-06 Usuchaori is a fool proof neutral brown that will work perfectly for low key office lady look, however, I do understand that some people may find the colors a tad too light on the pigmentation but honestly I do not mind it, because I have other eyeshadows I can go to if I want pigmentation. I do love the naked eye look that this palette offers!

Finally, ending with a FOTD look:

Eyes: SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-06 Usuchaori
Brows: B&C Labo Browlash EX Eyebrow pencil and liquid (grayish brown)
Face: base-Sofina Beaute whitening sunscreen SPF50 (moist), foundation-SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation
Cheeks: ADDICTION cheeks in
Lips: Coffret D'or Full Styling Rouge Glow RS-244 and Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss in 29 sweet azaela

I am glad that I made the decision asking my friend in Japan to haul this limited edition coffret set for me. Not only the eyeshadow is totally "my cup of tea" in terms its usability on everyday makeup for the office, I also get to try the skincare range and the most important is the limited edition gold powder spray on the casing!! Lame I know, but I am always a sucker for limited edition packaging! Now my SUQQU collection has another member joining the family! LOL!!


Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

*sigh* this one is SOOOO gorgeous! I would give anything for a Suqqu palette. And I LOVE your FOTD's--you're gorgeous, girl!

Cutie Fishball said...

@Becca- welcome to my blog and thank you for your comments!!

Suqqu is of really high quality and I know they are expensive.... but if you have to get one and only one palette, get a neutral palette so it's suitable for everyday use! You will not be let down!