Monday, August 6, 2012

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 05 Sakurakaba

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow in 05 Sakurakaba was one of two I was deciding betwen when I was about to get my very first SUQQU palette (the other one was 03 Matsukasa) 

When I decided to pull the trigger, all the contacts I know that have access to a SUQQU counter in UK, Japan and Bangkok report back to me the counters are all out of this color (DISCONTINUED). The next thing I know, I was searching high and low for it through blog sale and such, at last found it in a Taiwanese auction site and it was the last I can ever find in aftermarket.

I admit that I fell in love with the novelty of its name, as with most of SUQQU's palette, the name embodies a meaning/story behind it. For instance, when I googled sakurakaba (桜樺), this is what I have:

Definition of 樺桜

樺桜: かにわざくら /kaniwazakura/ (n) (1) any cherry tree with birch-like bark/(2) (arch) Japanese bird cherry (Prunus grayana)

So the meaning of Sakurakaba has strong reference to the actual Japanese cherry tree, and I can see why with the 4 colors in the pan, which ties back with the colors of the blossom and the subtle hues of its tree bark:

Other bloggers have long reviewed this palette, for instance, A Vain Woman has reviewed it here (she has much paler skin than me, hence the swatches looks more flattering for her) and the black panties has reviewed it here.

Hikitsu (chinese blog) has a full review of the entire collection from SUQQU Fall 2010, along with swatches and videos here.

Let's take a closer look!

under sun

under shade

A: Soft pale pink color that reminds me of the delicate flower petals of a cherry blossom, it also has fine silver and pale pink shimmers. Texture of this is extremely smooth, and no fall-outs during application.

B: A pigmented warm peachy/borderline orange/champagne tone color, with fine shimmers of gold and coppery peach colors. It pairs up beautifully with the pale pink color "A".

C: A very pigmented and matte rich chocolate/plumy brown, this color looks more true chocolate in the pan but when swatched, it appears to have more a plumy purple hue to it.

D: A matte off white primer/base color, typical of SUQQU quad palette.

Texture of this is extremely buttery smooth and refined, and no fall-outs during application. It feels like butter/cream to the touch though it is a finely milled pressed powder form. The the level of shimmers is very subtle when compared to the most recent collection I know (Himesango) and I find it very work appropriate with the right balance of pigmentation.

I do believe Sakurakaba and Himesango go hand in hand with each other, they are like sisters!


diffused sunlight by the window

under shade

slightly blurred to show the shimmers

In terms of texture, this palette again meets my expectations with SUQQU, which is smooth and silky, and application is very easy without any fall outs. I truly think this palette is very appropriate for work with a subtle balance of pigmentation and shimmer. 

EOTD with 05 Sakurakaba:

The color combination is a fool-proof warm neutral that is very appropriate for office lady. I did not attempt to try a tonal smokey look with this palette as I am afraid the coppery reddish brown color "B" will look too muddy on me. 

Finally, ending with a FOTD (heehee, my very first attempt with a full face FOTD!):

Eyes: SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 05 Sakurakaba
Brows: B&C Labo Browlash EX Eyebrow pencil and liquid (grayish brown)
Face: Sofina Primavista Long Keep Base UV, SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation
Cheeks: SUQQU Face Color Palette EX-01
Lips: Coffret D'or Bright Up Rouge Creamy Long Lasting lipstick BE-201

It has been a long journey trying to get hold of this SUQQU palette and I am glad I did. Along with Himesango, Sakurakaba has this appeal to me with its naming novelty. Though I know for a fact that ladies with fairer skintones will be able to pull off a better look with this pale pink/peachy combination, I still love the colors in its pan. I don't think I will turn into a snow white anytime soon, but I can still make this color work for me, especially this is a great office appropriate palette to have!


Popcorn said...

You are so lucky that you have a SUQQU near you. Sigh... none in the states. I'm so sad. I only have one palette from the older eyeshadow quads.

Love your choice in the colors though. This is the warmer color one and it looks great on you!

Cutie Fishball said...

@Popcorn- actually I am in the US too, so there isn't any SUQQU around me. I have asked my friends in Japan and UK to help buy for me, and I found there are also help buy service in Taiwan too!

Most of SUQQU palettes are extremely wearable for an office setting. I can say it's the most high quality brand of eyeshadow that I have came across!