Friday, December 2, 2011

Love Package + Mini Haul from Japan! (pic-heavy)

I have been hauling on and off since my last real haul post but I just didn't have time to blog about them due my hectic deadlines...

No.... this time is not from Momo-chan. She has been so busy with her kids that I haven't talked to her since I came back from Mexico....

This is from another friend of mine, Kazue-chan, who lives in Himeiji.

She sent out the parcel on 11/29 and with EMS, it arrived on 12/1. Super fast!!

Japanese is always so neat and tidy, and always have cute gift wrapping!

A full layout of items. Spotted the black and white box? Those are the 2 items I requested for a CP...

What are these black and white boxed items? The long anticipated SUQQU Christmas sets!

The black boxset is SUQQU's 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit B. Kit A didn't appeal to me that much with the pink shade (won't show up on my lids anyways) and the cool tone deep gray isn't too flattering on me. 

So I went with Kit B:

Description of contents: Blend Color Shadow in EX-06 Usuchaori, Eye cream R (4g), Eye makeup remover (50ml) and Original Pouch B (white), retails for 8,400 yen:

Full line up of the contents in Kit B:

Normally for a single eyeshadow, the retail price is 7,140yen, so for an additional 1,260 yen there is an added cosmetic pouch and 2 sample sizes of eye products.... it's a nice way for me to try out their skincare line as I would never image myself paying full price for their skincare line.... they are too expensive!

The casing for the eyeshadow is slightly different from their regular line. There are some shimmer bits embedded below the shiny lacquer.

Comparsion of the X'mas eyeshadow casing with regular eyeshadow casing (note the specks you see on the regular one is indeed dust! But the speckles you see on the X'mas one is real specks of glitter, not dust!)

EX-06 Usuchaori, it's too lovely to be swatched!

Comparision with between EX-06 Usuchaori (left) and the regular line 03 Matsukasa:

03 consists of 2 matte shades while EX-06 is more shimmery (perhaps it's from the X'mas coffret collection?

Part 2 of my haul is the SUQQU Special Kit A:

This kit contains the Musculate Massage & Mask Cream (48g), Repair Essence (15m), Moist Flow Lotion (30ml), Moisture Barrier Cream (7g), and my choice of one of the 4 kinds of SUQQU foundation (Frame Fix foundation in liquid/cream/2 kinds of lasting compact), retails at 12,600 yen:

Full line up of the kit:

Again, the casing of my Frame Fix Lasting Pact foundation compact is a fingerprint magnet!

The color shade I got is 003, which after days of research should be a match to me NC25-30 skintone.

And it took me a while to figure out which of the 4 kinds of foundation to get. I went with this Frame Fix Lasting pact foundation because 1. I have used a sample of it in #102, though the color is too light one me, I love the texture and it doesn't oil out on me, plus it lasts all day, and 2, it has the highest SPF of 30.

And yes, spending 10,500yen on a foundation seems expensive.... but the sample I am using lasted me for over 10 uses so a little goes a long way.... so, with an added 2,100 yen, I have the chance to try their skincare line, that's not bad!

Moving on to the rest of the items that Kazue has put together for me!

A cute Japanese print handkerchief, a towel pressed into a shape of an Azuki bean pastry dessert shaped in a fish, and a crane origami she made for me:

During her recent visit to Kyoto she picked up this purse for me. This fabric totally reminded me of the anime "Naruto"... and this pattern has the name of "karakusa moyou" (唐草模様) or "dorobou gara"(泥棒柄)":

Check out the store's website here.
This store specializes in handmade purses.... so this purse is surely one of its kind!

It even have its own charm/logo attached to this handmade purse! How cute is it!

And this is the pictures that Kazue sent me earlier when she visited the store:

A giant purse! How funny! And I just love the hand made quality..... there is nothing comparable here in the US...

Another gift from Kyoto, a Japanese green tea camellia lip cream. There is a brochure with the gift and I think this store sells mainly all natural products like camellia hair oil, wooden combs and such.... I would like to learn more about this store!

She also sent me 2 sheet masks... and one of them has a picture of a snail on it.... -__-"" Not too sure about this one.... will I feel slimy? But interestingly this range of Missha mask is not available here in the US's Missha site.... I wonder why? Slimy snails?

A Jill Stuart tote? Probably from a magazine's gift? She knows I like Jill Stuart...

Muji snacks! I have never try anything from their snack line, and I just tried the one on the left, which is a crack with apple jam from Aomori. Aomori is a region in Japan that is very famous for their apples. It's very delicious!!


Jie Jie said...

Nice haul from Japan!! The SUQQU stuff is awesome and can't wait for your review! Sadly my package to u went missing :(

Cutie Fishball said...

I always enjoy cute little things from overseas... and I am so glad this EMS shows up as I have had mail problems before during the summer months... SUQQU, I want to finish my sample of foundation before using the new one.... still a few more usages to go....

I am already eyeing their spring es, foundation and sunscreen!!! lol!