Friday, February 25, 2011

Kanebo KATE Crystallise Quartz Eyeshadow

Kanebo KATE Crystallise Quartz Eyeshadow

One of the items that I have my friend Lala. to send me in the heavily loaded beauty package is the above KATE eyeshadow palette. 
KATE Crystallise Quartz Eyeshadows are available for Spring 2011 in Japan. Total of 5 colors, PK-1, BR-1, BR-2, GR-1, and PU-1
I have not owned any of KATE's eyeshadow but I have heard great things about them from Japanese users that I am friends with on my iphone games :) Interestingly a lot my Japanese gamer friends recommend KATE for its affordable price and quality. 
Let’s have a look!
Product details from KATE's website

My friend, Miss A. was sending the package from Hong Kong and at that time KATE Crystallise Quartz Eyeshadows are still not on sale in drugstores like Watsons and Mannings. But on the day before she was planning to send out my package, she spotted them and pick them up for me! I have requested her to get me BR-1 and GN-1 for me and I will be posting them here when I receive them!

It’s my addiction to shiny, shimmery, and sparkly things.
Also, here's KATE’s website in English located at

However, I think their English website is not quite updated and I got the recent spring product info from their Japanese site at

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